Artist Statement



I am a performing artist whose beginnings are rooted in a deep respect for the creative process and body of work of my father, internationally renown and award-winning ceramic artist Jack Sures. Art is in my bones. I perform because of the pleasure I receive when I witness the pleasure in others as they witness me. It is my goal to gift audiences with my craft and invite them to reconnect with that child-like part of themselves which is filled with the wonder, awe and magic of life.

I create and direct my own pieces. I begin a piece by identifying its essence. The departure point is often a theme relating to the politics of the body, or other social and sometimes spiritual issues connecting to the latter. The body is my tool. It has the greatest capacity to express the deepest human truths with the most integrity, vulnerability and permeability. Through an organic process in which I use authentic movement and free-flow writing, I develop texts, sometimes dramatic and often poetic, and simultaneously a rich bank of movement vocabulary. This material is often an expression of the limited physical capacities and aptitudes of my body, in conjunction with and shaped by my many years of experience learning, memorizing and repeating the Slavic folk dance repertoire.

When I work with words, I am reminded that I am a member of a highly evolved and civilized society. My work is often characterized by vocal expressions through text and improvised narrative with a strong physical component including choreography and improvised dance, which in turn celebrate my ethnic and cultural heritage, being at once Slavic, Scandinavian and Latin European, as well as my place of belonging, which is under the vast prairie skies of Saskatchewan.

My physical and vocal work keeps me constantly in presence and is an expression of both my awkwardness and my grace. Through understanding my limitations, I surpass them, touch the unknown and tap into the essence of existence. I touch that depth of human emotion that lurks within each of us and links us all together.

As an interpreter, I trust in the infinite wisdom of the creative process and the time it takes for the unconscious to integrate all the information necessary in order to manifest a clear, authentic and articulate performance.

The outrageous, irresistible, tenacious and violent beauty that characterizes my work is born from my aesthetic influences: the humor and irony of Laurel and Hardy; the dreaminess, ingenuity and brilliance of Nikki de Saint-Phalle; the strength, compassion and intoxication of Josephine Baker; and the dark compelling simplicity and stealth of Hitchcock’s films.

I build narrative into my pieces like a well-constructed storyboard. Currently I use a visual system of displaying, cutting and pasting sections of material to structure my work. Crafting the material is pure joy to me, and I call upon my colleagues from various disciplines to challenge me in the process; video artists, architects and musicians are most welcome. Each of these disciplines influences my work and process. Architecture as a form that facilitates the understanding of three dimensionality leads me to consider the interior structure of the body as well as its relationship to the environment. The foundations of music theory enable me to understand the innate rhythms, dynamics, melodies, and so forth of the body in motion, dancing as well as vocalizing. The visual arts and more specifically videography play an important role in facilitating the expression of my unique aesthetic, and arousing my pleasure and attention for detail.


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