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The Wild Girl of Champagne



All concepts and performances by Nadine Sures

Miss Mammon is a 3 minute clown number about facelifts as objects of desire and false worship. Miss Mammon, an old hag, avarice and collector of ‘face irons’, transforms into an 80’s pop dancer when she gets her hand on the ULTIMATE ‘face iron’.

Created for the Edgy Challenge, 2007 International Edgy Women Festival (Montreal, Canada).


Mr. Marvel is a 5 minute clown number and political satire about a mad scientist fascinated with Alberta cows, adolescent boys and biotechnology.

Presented during the 2006 International Edgy Women Festival (Montreal, Canada).


© Sasha Brunelle

Angela’s Apocalypse is a dark and evocative 5-minute dance/theatre solo melding dream-like and fictional representation of a woman’s psychological state at the moment of her demise.

Presented during the 2005 and 2006 International Edgy Women Festivals (Montreal, Canada).


© Marie Frechon

Ditsy Dipple Does the Desert is a 10 minute comedic dance number starring Nadine Sures and guest performers, created for the Flor de la Canela finale number of the 2006 Boudoir Cabaret (Montreal, Canada). Music by Jeff Morton.



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