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The Wild Girl of Champagne



© Michael Reinhart

Room is an IN SITU improvisational dance performance under the artistic direction of Lin Snelling and in collaboration with architect Stephanie Davidson, musician Kathy Kennedy, and photographer Michael Reinhart.

Performers: Nadine Sures, Katie Ewald, Sarah Wendt

Performed at Studio Pigeons International, Montreal, 2008 and EDAM, Vancouver, 2010.

Something More Useful than Reaching for More Hope than is Possible is a witty dance performance created by choreographer Emily Johnson of Catalyst Dances in collaboration with performer Nadine Sures. It is an interpretation of the fragility and magic of life as encountered through a walk in a park, a dance on a stage, a song sung, a shirt made, a boy born, and a mouse found dead. A dance marked by humor and the strange kind of sadness that accompanies the witnessing of failure.

Performers: Nadine Sures, Emily Johnson
Choreographer: Emily Johnson
Music: James Everest

Performed at the Bryant Lake Bowl and produced by Catalyst Dances, Minneapolis USA, 2007.

© Deborah Dunn

Being Susan Sontag is a dance piece integrating text and voice in an array of striking physical images. Choreographed by Pamela Newell (Montreal), the piece is inspired by the short story collection “I, etcetera” as well as other well-known essays by Susan Sontag.

Performers: Nadine Sures, Katie Ward, Elizabeth Emberly, Mathilde Monnet
Music: Dino Giancola
Lights: Yan Lee Chan
Costumes: Katrin Leblond

Performed at Tangente, Montreal in 2006.


© Memex Ovum

New Dance Horizons (2005 – 2007)

In 2007, as assistant artistic director of the Regina Ice and Fire Carnival, Nadine Sures participated in the performance of an adaptation of Roald Dahl’s Three Little Pigs” alongside artistic director Robin Poitras and performer Michele Sereda.

In 2006 Nadine participated as a performer in the 20th Anniversary Celebration of NDHin the pieces Memex Ovum and Left of Center by Robin Poitras.

In 2005 Nadine created and performed in a series of improvised dances presented at the Nugent Sculpture Garden during the Secret Garden Tours


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