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The Wild Girl of Champagne



Created in collaboration with Montreal choreographer Katie Ward, Homunculus is an interdisciplinary performance piece incorporating dance and video. Innovative and interactive, this piece examines our society’s fascination with cloning and the quest for eternal life.

Presented at the 2006 Internation Edgy Women Festival (Montreal, Canada).
Performers: Nadine Sures and Katie Ward



Dérive is an installation and 20-minute dance performance created by Nadine Sures in close collaboration with architect Stephanie Davidson in the context of the IN SITU performance project Full Time at the Belgo under the artistic direction of Lin Snelling. Dérive explores the body in relationship to its environment through the mapping out of a building’s surfaces and the interaction of the dancer’s body with the building’s core materials.

Presented by Studio 303 and Les Journées de la Culture at the Belgo Building in Montreal, Canada in September 2005.

Performers: Alexia Béhreur, Katie Ewald, Lin Snelling and Sarah Wendt


Abandoned  is a short dance solo commissioned by Montreal musician Michael Reinhart. This piece was choreographed and performed by Nadine Sures to Reinhart’s recording of the song Abandoned which was composed for his album Quaraaluktuq with throat singers from Nunavut, Canada.

Produced at Qabaret Quaraaluktuq by Michael Reinhart and Theatre La Chapelle during the Vasistas Festival in 2004 (Montreal, Canada).


Walking Sara is a 45 minute interdisciplinary solo performance piece melding storytelling, DJ-ing and VJ-ing techniques. It is a fresh, vital and unique perspective on the phenomenon of spiritual awakenings.

Concept, direction and performance: Nadine Sures

Presented at O Patro Vys (Montreal, Canada) in 2003

Herstory is a whimsical and playful 15 minute dance-theatre solo that marries text and movement in a joyful clown-like portrayal of a woman’s quest for fame and beauty. Created and performed by Nadine Sures for Soleutations dance show at Studio 303 in 2002.


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